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The day before, Trump had surprised many by visiting Warsaw (the capital of Poland, where Putin enjoys about four percent support) and denouncing Russia's interference in the domestic affairs of Eastern Europe.

During his speech there, he referred to Poland's fate in the beginning of World War II when both Germany and the USSR invaded it.

Russia and the US took it upon themselves to ensure that all armed groups abide by it.

This is not much of a positive development for Syria, since it is only a local ceasefire covering a small part of the country.

That coming after Washington's hacking accusations sounds like a mockery.

It's a bit like: "You stole my purse, give it back! " - "OK then, let's cooperate on fighting against petty thieves." For objectivity's sake, we should admit that Trump is not the first US president to fall into this trap.

In response, Putin asked for proof that the cyberattacks were linked to Russia and denied involvement, according to Tillerson's words.This historical fact is as important to the Poles and their national memory, as it is painful to today's Russian authorities (political commentators close to Kremlin like to interpret this fact as the USSR saving Poland from Nazi invasion).In other words, Trump's speech in Poland was supposed to demonstrate that despite all speculation, the US would continue to back its European allies and defend them from Russian aggression.It is also doubtful that Russia and the US will be able to make sure it is observed.By contrast, more important substantial questions, such as the establishing of no-fly zones, were not really addressed.

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