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But don’t stop there: Here are a couple of facts illustrating how you can challenge yourself and make a difference.

Challenge: switch to products that use crushed apricot kernels, coconut shell, coffee grounds or sea salts as natural exfoliants.

These are only small changes, and you can undoubtedly think of many more.

But we need to start turning the tide if we are to stop more pristine places being deluged with our garbage.

But the question we couldn’t answer was: When did it all start to go so wrong? During our research we had reached out to those who had previously worked on Henderson Island or in nearby areas to gain a better understanding of what forces contributed to the enormous piles of rubbish that have floated to Henderson’s sandy beaches.

This is the million-dollar question for so many wild species and spaces – all too often we only notice a problem once it’s too big to deny, or perhaps even solve. Then, after our research was published and the world was busy reading about 37 million plastic items washed up on a remote south Pacific island, we received an email from professor Marshall Weisler from the University of Queensland in Australia, who had seen the news and got in touch.

In the wake of the story, the other big question we received (and one we should have seen coming) was: Can I help you clean up Henderson Island?

The answer is no, for a very long list of reasons – some obvious, some not.

The photos he shared from that expedition provided a rare glimpse into the beginning of this chapter of Henderson Island’s story, before it became known as “garbage island.” There are only 23 years between these two photos, and the transformation is terrifying – from pristine South Pacific gem to the final resting place for enormous quantities of the world’s waste.Captain Henderson of the British East India Company ship Hercules rediscovered the island on 17 January 1819 and named it Henderson Island; and on 2 March 1819 Captain Henry King in the Elizabeth landed on the island to find the king's colours already flying.His crew scratched the name of their ship into a tree.It is one of the world's last two raised coral atolls whose ecosystems remain relatively unaffected by human contact.Measuring 9.6 kilometres (6.0 mi) by 5.1 kilometres (3.2 mi), it has an area of 37.3 square kilometres (14.4 sq mi) and is located 193 kilometres (120 mi) northeast of Pitcairn Island.

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