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What's Poppin nerds it's ya boi, chips ahoy Today I've found something that's pretty scummy.

Self advertisement (Lmao before anyone calls me out for spamming "follow me" on some people's wall I swear to are Lord and savior sans that it was a joke and I was friends with the people-) An Y...

My friends are more open minded to my choices, yet opinionated. "G, I think it's weird that you're still seeing that guy with the fake fruit. When I see her, she asks me about the various men in my life. When I look into those blue eyes of hers, I sense an understanding. For whatever reason, she can see that I'm on the right path. I hold onto this feeling when others berate my pattern.

Excited, I ramble on about *Jimmy, *Robert, *John and *John Paul. Maybe I don't make sense to most people—myself included—but I know I'm doing what's best for me.

What's Poppin nerds, it's ya boi Chips ahoy Psst go give this person a high five for drawing the art- Oof Today I'll be talking about depression or more accurately, twats who want attention so they say they're depressed Clinical depression is a serious thing that is incredibly...

This relaxes me :') John wayne - cigarettes after sexv a p o r w a v e IF YOU WISH TO BE IN CONTACT WITH THIS USER PLEASE ADD "Ness-chan#5527" ON DISCORD.

( º ͜ʖ º ) ( º ͜ʖ º ) ( º ͜ʖ º ) ( º ͜ʖ º ) ( º ͜ʖ º ) ( º ͜ʖ º ) Probably gonna be my last post B) Only installed this god forsaken app again because i needed to get some art for a friend who also uninstalled.

Who really is privy to my complicated relationship with my appearance? Out of everyone, my grandmother grasps it the best.

But because I love myself and have no real desire to change, I'm forced to shake off this feeling too. Though she was born a completely different generation, we are kindred spirits.

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