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A particular egregious example occurs early in the first season, in the episode ‘Miri’, when the Enterprise comes across a planet that looks exactly like Earth (continents and all), with a city that looks like a typical American city, inhabited by what look like regular humans.The writers of Star Trek drew on a large number of sources for inspiration to forge their social (or ‘soft’) science-fiction.

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The episode ‘Arena’ suggests gladiatorial spectacle. Kirk chases down a ship that attacked a Federation colony.A powerful alien being interceded and transports the captains of both vessels to a distant world where they have to fight each other to determine which ship will be destroyed and which one will be spared.It’s a memorable episode for pitting Kirk against a man in a lizard costume, but the idea of pitting two individuals against each other is clearly inspired by gladiatorial contests, with the crews of both ships allowed to watch the battle on their viewscreens.And for a few years now, I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend to watch the show with me.A couple of months ago, she finally agreed and I figured it would be good to write something about those episodes that draw heavily on the ancient world.

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    Dessa forma, eles ludibriaram Gaius Baltar (James Callis), uma espécie de gênio científico responsável por um programa de computador que controlava a defesa das colônias; conseguiram, com sua cooperação involuntária, um vírus que paralisou totalmente a defesa dos humanos, inclusive a das naves de combate.