Vb6 current recordset does not support updating

NET, most of the properties can be mapped to equivalent properties in the . In Visual Basic 6.0, the Printer object enables applications to communicate with a system printer, containing functions for printing text, lines, and images. NET Framework is quite different, and the Printer object has become obsolete.Fortunately, the functionality of the Printer object can be achieved with the classes that are provided in the System. Printing namespace, particularly the Print Document class.This event can be used to signal the application to draw all the objects and text stored in the collections of your Printer Class. NET does not support the Printers collection, which is used in VB 6.0 to return information about available printers on a system.The printing model has changed, and as a result, references to the Printers collection require manual adjustment; applying the upgrade wizard results in the code being marked with conversion issues, and the only way to achieve a similar effect in Visual Basic .Though there is no direct equivalent in Visual Basic .NET, most of the properties can be mapped to equivalent properties.

In the following sections these different approaches are shown.

For example, the App object’s version information properties are replaced by assembly attributes.

In Visual Basic 6.0, you can set the version information by using the Project Properties dialog box, while in Visual Basic .

Using the Screen object, you can set the Mouse Pointer property to display an hourglass pointer when a modal form is visible or retrieve the active control or active form of the application.

Although there is not a direct equivalent for the Screen object in Visual Basic .

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