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134 projects from 26 countries were initially registered for the 2017 Architecture Award.119 projects were presented to the jury that actually entered the competition and fulfilled the competition criteria.

The number of participants and the quality of the projects entering the competition, which has been held for the seventh time since 2000, are testimony to the continuing topicality of the theme.

However, a gratifying aspect is the growing number of participants from non-German-speaking countries, especially from Scandinavia and the Benelux countries, which shows that the competition continues to gain international recognition.

Of the 119 approved projects, two entries were evaluated in the „Student Work Award“ category.

The schemes as a whole showed an impressive level of quality in terms of both the architecture and building technology.

In particular, specific structural and creative features that go beyond the previously achieved „standards“ were discussed in detail, including during the following third round (41 remaining projects) and fourth round (25 remaining projects).

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