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So without further ado let's know the reason behind it.Claiborne is a single guy in front of the public, and he has never been married before to have a wife.A journalist has a major role to play in the society and is also responsible for projecting the real image of the society, which indeed influences and benefits the public.And when a person is doing so much for the society then it is natural to have curiosity regarding the personal life.It’s plausible considering her attraction to Viall and the fact that her sister is happily married to a white man.What if she chooses a Latino man or an Asian-American? ABC Remember those options that I mentioned black men having? Anytime black women dare to break the code and date or marry non-black men, they are ridiculed everywhere from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to Twitter posts.But on the bright side if you are not married you don't have to fear divorce.But it seems as if Claiborne was a father, he would have been an excellent father, as his interaction with the children suggests, There are least people who do not like barbecued pork ribs.

Ron Claiborne has maintained privacy in his personal life and only those information which he desires to share has circulated in the media.Not only did the Season 18 suitor treat women abominably but he made homophobic statements in an interview that rankled a number of contestants and viewers.Fictional pursuits have also fallen short as fans of Lifetime’s “Un REAL” can attest. But the show fell apart when its non-black writers and producers haphazardly tackled too many social issues ranging from interracial dating to the Black Lives Matters movement.After 30 years, working in different places and positions, he has reached this place.A short video was prepared that included him reporting over the years.

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