Play galaga 1981 online dating

Any self-respecting arcade still standing is not complete without this timeless accomplishment.

Galaga hit arcades in 1981 and it was the superpowered sequel to Namco's previous spaceship shooting game, Galaxian.

Featuring great additions to the Galaxian gameplay, solid 1981-era graphics, and very memorable sound effects and jingles, it quickly became a classic arcade game.

Sequels would follow, but Galaga always stood tall.

The visuals and audio in Galaga are sharp and retain the arcade version's look and sound.

The vertically oriented screen leaves plenty of room for borders.

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You control a ship that moves left and right at the bottom of the screen, and your only button fires.

More than just a Space Invaders clone, Galaga was an instant arcade classic.

With its oft-copied insect attackers and clever craft abduction feature (shoot down the thieving alien to get yourself a double cannon), it is still one of the most playable and instantly addictive games ever made.

You can stretch the game out of its original aspect ratio if you're some kind of heathen, but then you'd just be crowding out the great original arcade-cabinet artwork, which borders the screen.

Also, do yourself a favor and turn off the Xbox 360's online notifications when you play this game.

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