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After we posed the question that plagues so many single women: where have all the good men gone? So, for this week’s blind date, we sent Laura Hall, one of the women profiled, on a date with Jean-Paul Noel-Cephise, who has also struggled to find a soulmate.

They went to theatre-themed restaurant Sarastro in London and, as they tell Dating Doctor Alana Kirk, Cupid struck.

Some guys I’ve met online had the attention span of a goldfish, so it was refreshing to have a real conversation.

JP did talk about men being men and women being women — he has quite a traditional way of thinking — while I firmly believe in equality between genders. I haven’t settled down yet because I have never found my ‘match’ — and as I get older it gets more and more difficult.

She’s attractive, tall and the fact that we had so much to talk and laugh about was sexy. The night ran away with us and we both missed our trains, we were so busy just chatting and walking along looking at the river, wanting to extend the evening.

In the end she had to run for the later train so we gave each other a lovely kiss and a hug, and shouted that we would talk the next day.

We stayed at the restaurant until 11.30pm before walking along the river to Blackfriars station. We missed our trains by seconds — so we just chatted for half an hour until parting with that kiss.Better still, we’ve already met up since — he came round to my flat for dinner.It was a really good evening, and yes, there was a proper passionate kiss at the end.It’s a kind of strength without a temper, but with a backbone —she likes what she likes and is not afraid to say so. She was radiant, smiley and attractive, and she seemed happy to be on the date, so that was really welcoming.I talk for a living as a lecturer, and it’s wonderful to meet someone who challenges me in conversation.

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