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Road Safety, Cars, Motorists, Driving, Drunken Driving, Accidents, Speeding, Night Driving, Newspaper Headlines, Country Houses, Horse Drawn Caravans, Speedometers, Poster Advertisements, Accident Statistics, Braking Distances, Traffic Lights, Guards, Traffic, Bus Stops, Bright Signs, Pubs, Bars, Car Crashes, District Courts, Quays, Bridges, Safety Booklets.d/w/sc: Liam O'Laoghaire, c: George Fleischmann, e: Len Green, s.sup: Arthur Smith, spon: Dept. Use is made of inter-titles to present summaries: 'Why is this land impoverished, the farm deserted, the people gone? And thanks to those who contributed to the film in the form of interviews, time or spirit. Set during a winter storm, Noel Browne's unsentimental portrait of Connemara compares the legacy of generations of 'Connemariacts' to other lost civilisations across the world.

of Local Government; narr: Terry O'Sullivan, act: Desmond Keane, Liam O'Leary, b/w. ' The film posits that 'the land is sour' and needs lime. Account of how 0 million will help to update and preserve Irish agriculture, including details of modernisation, rural electrification and peat harvesting. Shots of Sheriff street.p.c.: End of the World Productions, Y. E., TV1, p: Michael Fitzgerald, d: Darragh Mc Carthy, ed.s: Michael Doyle, Joe Egan, voiceover: Peter Sheridan, : Michael Doyle, research: Jonathan Ryder, Bernice Donaghue, p. A., archive footage: RTE, Gael Linn, National Library of Ireland, Irish Archive of the National Film Institute of Ireland. Drudy, Dick Conroy, Mick Rafferty, Terry Fagan, Inner City Folklore Project, Nuala Carr, Angela Dorgan/ F. With the collapse of traditional industry, since the 1960s more than 120,000 of the original inhabitants of the inner city of Dublin have been dispersed to outlying suburbs.

Panning shot of winning horse being led through crowds. Sweepstake Girls meet the Wooden Horse of Troy which brings the counterfoils to the Draw Hall." Shots of a crowded Middle Abbey St.

The winner and runner-up are led off the course to paddocks. The winning horse is patted by some of the crowd surrounding him. Presented by Irish Film Enterprises Dublin." Inter-title:"The Irish Hospitals Sweepstakes Bid You All Ceud Mile Failte (A hundred thousand welcomes.)" Inter-title:"A Sweepstake Draw Pageant.

The film also shows a drama class and emphasises the importance of maintaining home crafts and the Irish language. It comments on the old footage shown in the film and TD Tony Gregory's remarks.

A religious instruction class given by a priest carries the message that vocational education should remain in harmony with the Irish Christian tradition. ST, 2 Sept 2001: 7, Review of the Irish documentary film Alive Alive O! It discusses the decline in street trading in inner-city Dublin at the hands of big businesses and how the word "dealer" is now used in the context of drugs.

Title:"The End."Irish Red Cross Steeplechase Miss Kearns Mr. Mc Nally Owen Anthony Joseph Mac Grath Douglas Hyde Jack Chaucer Leopardstown Dublin Foxrock Railway Rockquita Knockadreen Young Mischief Sterling Duke Royal Danieli Lasseen Title: "Sweepstake Snapshots.

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Driving later he has an accident and has to appear in court. The spreading of lime on the soil as an essential process in agricultural production. Empty, run- down houses and cattle in a barren landscape are shown as a man walks and observes this desolation. Contributions from Collette Shaughnessy and Colm Mac Cba.

Title:"Film Enterprises (Ireland) present the Irish Red Cross Steeplechase. Shots of various jumps on the course and work being carried out on them. Shots of horses being led to the starting line for the race. Shots of the race in progress-horses jumping fences at various parts of the course. Inter-title:"Captain Spencer Freeman supervises counterfoil mixing." The captain sits on a high chair overlooking machine, looking at a watch then blowing a whistle. Lysaght's wife gardening and in voice over with Lysaght. Lysaght walking about and in voiceover talking about time in Navy and in Maritime museum.

The Greatest Race ever run in Ireland." Inter-title: "Film Enterprises (Ireland) have granted following sole booking rights- The World (except Irish) Exclusive Films Ltd. Irish Irish International Film Agency, 112 Marlborough Street, Dublin." Brian Freeman - Macaulay Buildings, Widcumbhe Hill, Bath BA26AT, Avon, England. Telegraph poles being erected along roads leading to Leopardstown. Shots of horses on practice runs along Portmarnock strand. The horses pass the grandstand after covering two miles. Inter-title: "Counterfoil Mixing starts." Boxes of counterfoils are wheeled around the mixing machine. Inter-title:"All Counterfoils are mixed three times. The process takes three days." Inter-title:"Then the Government-Approved auditors fill the Great Drum." Rows of women in Celtic costume stand in front of a large revolving drum. Lysaght enters shop which is now decorated with odds and ends of an artistic or occult nature. Interview: Lysaght and wife and photograph of son Gregory. Documentary on two elderly brothers, Nicholas and Paddy Butler, who lived celibate lives together on an isolated farm in the Comeragh mountains, Co Waterford.

The DAIL BONDS, or REPUBLICAN LOAN film was a propaganda short with key Sinn Fein leaders, including Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith, (Eamon de Valera was in the USA), which was used by Collins to publicise the hugely successful fund-raising effort on behalf of the First Dil. Shots of people walking to racecourse, along with some motorists. He gets up and walks off with an ambulance attendant. Inter-title: "Boxes carried into Hall and placed around Counterfoil Mixing Machines." Ranks of women in costume carry the draw boxes into the Hal, followed by procession of women in historical dress.

The DAIL BONDS film was shot during an interlude in the making of WILLY REILLY AND HIS COLLEEN BAWN, a feature length drama directed by John Mac Donagh, which was released the following year (see volume 1, p. RTE Libraries and Archives hold a 35mm print of this film. Panning shot of grandstands at Leopardstown racecourse. Panning shots of racecourse showing gathering crowds. Among those attending are the President Douglas Hyde and his daughter. Further shots of the race with horses clearing jumps. Inside the Hall ranks of women flank the mixing machine.

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