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The following day, police arrested photojournalist James Jemwa while covering protests in Harare.He spent a week in detention on public violence charges before being released on bail.It also has not put in place structures to implement the court's decision and ensure that girls under 18 are not being forced into marriage.A Human Rights Watch report found that widows are routinely evicted from their marital homes and their property confiscated with little recourse to the formal justice system.

Attacks on Human Rights Defenders In June 2016, police began a campaign of politically motivated abuses against activists engaged in countrywide protests against poverty, corruption, rights abuses, and lack of electoral reform.Widespread impunity continues for abuses by police and state security agents.The president publicly attacked judges for "reckless" rulings that allowed public protests against his rule, further eroding judicial independence.That same month Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced that the government was developing laws to make it a criminal offense.The government has yet to amend or repeal all existing marriage laws that still allow child marriage.

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