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Status To view all provisioned or deprovisioned devices, select the status from the left drop-down, and all of the devices that fit this criterion will appear in the view.

Alternatively, you can do the following searches from the All devices view: Register This field is not displayed on the Chrome OS settings page.

You can turn on this feature in the Admin console at Device management Shows the last date and time the LAN and WAN IP addresses for the device were reported.

Address should be entered without spaces or colons. Be aware that multiple devices may report the same address to the Admin console, and more than one result may be returned.

As an administrator, you can find details about the Chrome devices in your domain in the Google Admin console.

You can see the user of each device as well as review information, such as serial number, enrollment date, and last synchronization.

If an input is detected, screenshots can't be taken until the device is restarted to reset the input trigger.

The device must auto-launch into a kiosk app for screenshots to work.

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