Dating for men with long hair dating keyboard players

So I thought they would appreciate a matchmaking agency that catered to their needs and helped find them matches more efficiently.

DEALING WITH STIGMABharati: When you started the business, while you managed to get investors with enough foresight to put in about S0,000, you had challenges that really showed there was a stigma attached to professional matchmaking services.

What is it about a Thai woman’s hair that is so attractive? Thai women are fortunate to already have hair blessed with luxuriousness. There are so many factors which go into having the best partner in your life. Nonetheless, it’s one of the top reasons Western men love Thai women and they make the best partner you can imagine.

Every man, when he thinks of a beautiful Thai wife, has that hair in his mind, even if subconsciously. Men can imagine it blowing in the wind or contrarily, all done up in beautiful bows and curls.

That was 12 years ago, and Violet Lim, now the CEO and co-founder of the Lunch Actually Group, took the plunge into the business at the age of 24, with her then-fiance and now-husband.

Thai women are beautiful in so many ways but today’s blog will focus on reason number eight; Their hair. That’s obviously because people find those qualities attractive. Men love great hair but it’s almost like they notice it subconsciously.

Lim: The rest of their tenants were lawyers, bankers and management consultants. Bharati: Did you get the wrong kind of customers at first?

And I think what they were trying to say is that they were just very worried about what were doing. Lim: I think it was the way that we had positioned ourselves.

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Starting a dating business at the age of 24, Violet Lim went “On the Record” with 938LIVE's Bharati Jagdish about low marriage and high divorce rates in Singapore, making her own marriage work and how the dating industry has evolved. Busy professionals looking for love needed help and she could help provide it.

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