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One of my clients had a mother-in-law who exhibited all the classic symptoms of Aspergers.Previous to the mother-in-law's diagnosis, this distressed client had suffered enormously at the hands of this woman, as had her husband and kids.Dealing with a person with this condition can be extremely difficult at times, particularly when the person has yet to be diagnosed with the disorder.When diagnosis of the adult Aspergers occurs, it is often as a result of a child or grandchild being assessed with the disorder.The diagnosis of this woman's grandchild with Aspergers led to a realization by her own adult kids as to why their mother was the way she was.It answered a lot of questions, and gave these adult kids some closure regarding the childhood hurts they had experienced due to her inability to relate to them.This is because Aspergers is a genetic, neurological condition which renders the individual mentally unable to readily understand and interpret the emotional states of others.One of the problems associated with adult Aspergers is lack of accurate diagnosis.

Once an effective diagnosis is made, at least there is some understanding for other family members as to why the Aspergers adult behaves the way that they do.

One of my client's who had a mother with the condition was relieved to finally discover the reason for his mother's emotional aloofness, yet was devastated when that same mother refused to go into family therapy because she simply said "I feel good, there's nothing wrong with me." In this case, there was no denial involved on the part of the mother.

She simply couldn't understand her son's pain, his feelings of rejection, or his desire for a real "mother-son" relationship. In addition, her interactions with the family and in-laws were fraught with difficulties.

Hence there still remains many adults with Aspergers in the community who remain undiagnosed.

The other problem is that, even when diagnosis occurs, the Aspergers individual may refuse to go into family counseling or accept available assistance as they do not see that they have a problem.

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